Saturday, February 26, 2011

Manchester United vs. Wigan Athletic

            In todays match between Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic the Red Devils came out on top. Mexican soccer star Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez was the top goal scorer in todays match, scoring 2 goals for Manchester United. Hernandez scored the first goal of the match in the first half by an assist from Nani. In the second half Hernandez once again scored by an assist from Wayne Rooney making the score board 2-0. After Hernandez' second goal he was substituted by Dimitar Berbatov.
            In minute 84' Rooney scored his first goal of the match assisted by Berbatov. As the final whistle was near it seemed as though the final score would be 3-0 but the red devils managed to sack one more thanks to Fabio scoring with only 3 minutes remaining on the clock. Wigan Athletic had many goal opportunities, especially in the first half but failed to capitalize on any of them. After a great match the final score was 4-0 with the Red Devils taking the victory.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Black Ops Quick Scoping

My little bros quick scoping montage

Crysis 2 Demo Removed From Xbox Live Marketplace

              The highly anticipated Crysis 2 demo was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on January 25th. There were a few complaints about the demo freezing and crashing, not to mention long wait times before getting into a lobby. A few days ago I decided to try the demo out for myself but soon realized it was removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace. I was disappointed because I really wanted to try it out for myself and also wanted to take a little break from Call of Duty Black Ops. Maybe the demo was removed so all the problems can get fixed and hopefully be available for download again soon, or maybe it was only supposed to be available for download for a limited time. Whatever the case may be I myself will be buying the game on the day of its release.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Xbox 360 charge base by Nyko

         A few weeks ago while I was playing my Xbox 360, I became frustrated when the AA batteries I was using for my controller kept dying out quickly. It was then that I decided it was time to get a charger kit. At first I was a little hesitant to buy one because I was afraid it would be too pricey and  that the battery life would not last very long. After sometime of searching online for a charger kit for my controller I came across the Nyko Xbox 360 charge base. I then did a little more research on the product and I decided that it was exactly what I was looking for and decided to purchase it.

        My first impression on the product was its size. It is small and doesn't take up too much room, which is a plus. Also, it comes with two Nyko battery packs so there's no need to purchase any. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge the battery pack completely depending on how drained it is. Battery life on this product is amazing, I'm a casual gamer and the battery stays charged for a couple of days, of course this also depends on how much the buyer plays. There is just one slight con, it being that it only chargers Nyko brand batteries like the two that are included.

      In the end I was very pleased with my purchase, It was delivered to me fast and was well packaged. I am especially happy with it now that Call of Duty Black Ops was released because I play the online mode up to 4 hours a day sometimes and I go through my play session without having to recharge my controller thanks to this charge kit. So if you're looking for an affordable and reliable charger for your Xbox 360 controller then this product is the way to go.

Product:Xbox 360 charge base by Nyko